10 ways to say “I Love You” this Valentine's Day


The month of February is celebrated for many occasions, but we’re going to talk about LOVE. Whether you are married, newly dating, or enjoying being single, Valentine’s Day is our nation’s day of love. On this day we take extra efforts to show our family, friends, and partners just how much we care about them. However, finding the ways to say “I love you” is not always easy. Because every relationship is unique and every love has a different language, we thought it would be best to suggest some ideas to help you this Valentine’s Day. For planning help or advice, feel free to email us with questions or suggestions at Acadianaplanning@gmail.com. Here are 10 ways to say “I Love You”, “I Like You”, or “You’re Awesome!” Rubies Are Red, Sapphires Are Blue - Nothing beats a nice piece of Jewelry. The fact that you chose the perfect piece and invested not only time and effort but also money is a gesture that is always appreciated. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and we have a list of jewelers near you (insert link). But if you’re looking to spend a little less, candy necklaces and rings are fun and delicious for all ages. Dinner And Drinks - If you can’t cook or need to get out of the house, reservations at your favorite restaurant is personal and sweet. Important note: Don’t forget to make the reservation! Nothing dampens the mood like waiting two hours for a table. Save time and find a restaurant near you (insert link). However, if you happen to know your way around the kitchen and can dice up a decent meal, cook your mate a tasty date. Have a fun night sharing new or favorite dishes. Check out some valentine’s recipes on our Pinterest board for tips or ideas.(Insert Link) Remember the drinks! Try a new wine or enjoy your favorite cocktail to dull this holiday edge. Macho Man – Valentine’s Day is often viewed a girl thing, but men can enjoy it too. Instead of a trip to the spa, get him a nice shave. Instead of a box of chocolates, maybe a box of craft of beer. Even men like accessories like watches and sunglasses. A Night of Netflix - By now we hope the majority of you are on the same bandwagon we are when it comes to Netflix. Have popcorn, snacks, good drinks and great company under some comfy blankets and you have yourself a fun time. Who doesn’t love watching the guy trying to get the girl by blasting music from his boom box? Here is a list of Huffington Posts’ 14 Romantic Comedies To Watch On Netflix For Valentine's Day http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/10/netflix-rom-coms_n_4697436.html. DIY - Create your present from scratch. This thoughtful gesture is sweet and heartfelt. I’m sure you’re mom still saved the first macaroni heart card you made. Take a look at some DIY Ideas for Valentines gifts on our Pinterest board (Insert Link). Flowers - Nothing brightens up a room or smile like a nice bouquet flowers. Whether they are sent as a surprise or personally delivered, flowers is great way to say how you feel. Find out the person’s favorite flower or color, and don’t forget to write something personal on the card. Check out a list of florist near you (insert link). Friendly Competition – Warning: this might be dangerous. Be sure you know who you are playing with before you make these plans. Friendly competition is always a good time if everyone is a positive player. A round of board games is a fun and entertaining night together. Especially the ones with daring question and action cards. Looking to get out of the house? Frame the night with a game of bowling, or ace the date with miniature golf if the weather is right. Play That Funky Music - Strum those heart strings with some music. Check out local shows or near-by concerts. Looking for an idea more low-key? Take it back to the old school with “mix tape” style. Make a compilation CD with your favorite songs, guilty pleasures, or tunes with specific meanings to you or your relationship. It is always fun to listen to these years from now and play “remember when…” Baked Goods - If you’re anything like Kim Kardashian and baked cakes for every boyfriend, then this idea is right up your alley. Baking a cake, cupcakes, or unique sugary inventions are a “sweet” gesture of love. Not a baker… no problem! Check out a list of bakeries near you (insert link). Tour The Town - Find local hot spots along with town gems and become a tourist in your own town. Experience new places and old places together. Plan an adventure around town to your favorite places. A fun find is a fun time. Instead of booking a vacation out-of-town, pretend you are not from the area. Look up, or call a local travel agent, for information about places to go, things to see, and food to eat. Venture out and you might just find your new favorite spot. We know and understand there are several ways to say I love you. Many of which happen every day without the pressure of a holiday. These are just some ideas we wanted to share with you. Fill free to use these anytime of the year for any occasion. Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Planning. XOXO - Acadiana Planning

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